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For your eyes only - Where do confidential emails go?

Perpetuum has successfully implemented a pilot email encryption project for a client from the financial sector.


The security of Internet communications and data protection are of key importance in the digital environment, especially when it comes to institutions and companies operating within the financial industry. An international company for innovative payment solutions has hired us to encrypt outbound and incoming e-mail traffic to ultimately increase the security level of sensitive messaging business communications.


As part of this pilot project, we implemented Symantec's Encryption Management Server (SEMS), an advanced Symantec security and encryption solution for corporate users. Prior to its introduction, the user had classified e-mail messages through the TITUS product and there was a need to encrypt all e-mail messages marked with strict classification.

After deploying the SEMS encryption system, each email message that has the added classification, passes through the Symantec Encryption Management Server.  For each external user we now create the entity on the server with the corresponding digital key. The end result, of course, is a far safer flow of sensitive messages and more advanced protection of confidential business communications. In case of unavailability of the SEMS server, secure message traffic is ensured by the high availability configuration and redundancy of the SEMS system and F5 in the Weighted round robin configuration.

It's important to note that this implementation of messaging securty is very easy to use by the end users and doesn't have any negative consequence for the user experience. E-mail messages and documents which are properly labeled for security (e.g. „Confidential“ etc.) are automatically encrypted during communications and decrypted when they need to be opened and read by the qualified recipient.