TeamWork while building the Perpetuum Mobile online survey form makes it GreatWork! | Perpetuum Mobile

TeamWork while building the Drupal online survey form makes it GreatWork!

Ivana Mijić

The success of marketing activities depends largely on knowing the audience they are addressing. Surveys are an easy tool to identify your target and get to know your users, their habits and needs. Perpetuum participated in the Career Days of several University of Zagreb Career Days recently (FER, FOI, PMF) and we took this opportunity to get to know students and the criteria they consider when selecting jobs. Using the iSite Open Content Management System and Drupal, the platform on which the web solutions we develop for clients are based, we created a tablet / smartphone based online student survey to get to know them better.

Creating structure, functionality and content
The survey was created within Drupal's web form module, which can be used to create various forms with numerous variants and functionalities.

This module enables:

  • Creating a new form or duplicating an existing one
  • Collecting answers
  • Sending confirmations and notifications
  • Evaluation of applications online
  • Download of collected data in CSV format

We have structured the questionnaire using functionalities like:

  • conditioning - depending on the answer, the ability to automatically switch to a specific question
  • radio buttons - yes / no answer
  • multiple choice - selecting multiple answers
  • multiple choice + short answer - selecting multiple offered answers with a box to add a personalized answer

In addition to several useful functionalities the tool allows you to customize the form design. Our design team opted for a simple design that does not distract participants with unnecessary graphic elements. This improves the experience and makes it easier to conduct the survey.


Collecting results
We conducted the survey on tablets and mobile phones in person, at the events, building personal relationships and motivating the survey participants with practical gadgets and giveaways.


The answers to the survey questions and all requested data are automatically collected in the corresponding web form. The responses can be tracked in real time and converted to a CSV table and later used as needed.

Creating a confirmation email
The form allows you to create an automated confirmation email that can be customized. We decided to send it to participants in a form of a thank you note with a CTA (Call to Action) element - an invitation to follow our social media profiles.

Ty letter

The project resulted in a practical and functional online survey form, with target group customized UX/UI, that allows simple data and lead management. We invite those of you who are students to complete the survey, we would love to hear your opinion!