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Perpetuum & Infobip

Building a new generation of communication and payment solutions together

Infobip and Perpetuum are embarking on a wonderful new journey – together.

Harnessing Infobip's unparallelled knowledge, skills and communication infrastructure and Perpetuum's expertise and experience in enterprise eCommerce, we will be building a new experience in online shopping.

The XXI century is well underway. However – online commerce is sorely lacking the ability to communicate with consumers in the way which new generations demand – mobile first, chat, messaging, simple, easy and secure authentication.

Together, we will enable online merchants to open their B2C and B2B shops to consumers and business customers using the channels those customers prefer, and are used to. If we have turned to mobile and messaging for communicating not only with friends, but with business partners as well, there is no reason we shouldn't use those same apps and tools when communicating with web shops, and completing our purchasing in the same way.

If you'd like to join us on our journey as partners or prospective clients, or would simply like us to update you as our story develops – do get in touch. It's going to be fun!