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Researching before buying

Miroslav Benak

This post was written from my own personal experience of online shopping when I was searching for a new electric oven. I've been researching the market for a while now and one particular model caught my eye; A model of a renowned manufacturer that is present in our market and is offered by a lot of retailers.

In that process, an important fact for customers, except for the price, is that the shop offers other features that will, in the end, attract the customer to that particular merchant.  Examples might include clear information about credit card payment, delivery information, warranty etc..

When I made my final decision about the product I started googling. I found a few dozen web retailers who offered it. I came across significant problems that many customers have with web shops.

In addition to prices that vary by almost 30%, many web shops have a very poorly described delivery policy. Some of them didn't specially mark that information, some mention that delivery is charged additionally but they do not say how much it costs, some complicate with descriptions, and ultimately drive away buyers to the competition.

Many web shops require customers to go through almost the entire check-out process to find out how much will the delivery cost. Also, it is often necessary to register and fill out all the data.

Most employees have a problem receiving goods during working hours. Therefore, delivery in the afternoon or on a Saturday is almost necessary. Those who offer delivery only in working hours are not acceptable to most customers.

Then comes the warranty. Some retailers offer the option that states: if the product is purchased up to a certain date, it is possible to take advantage of the convenience offered by the manufacturer that, besides the standard two-year warranty, by registering the purchased product you get another three years of warranty. Almost half of the retailers, however, don’t mention this at all and the customers will not research if the retailer is offering it or not. So, they will give up on them.

All of these elements narrow the circle of those who are potentially interesting. Everyone else eliminated themselves with badly organized information on the webshop, lack of necessary information, or a poor organization of their own business that is conducive to a customer's behaviour that is just not acceptable to him.


I’ll admit, I am spoiled

Consumers today have much different purchasing habits than they did a few years ago. They do their research on all available channels: web, social networks, specialized forums and other sources on the Internet. Naturally, there is still the good old recommendation of acquaintances and friends. But even if someone suggests where and under which terms they can buy something, most of us will still Google and investigate further.  

Customers expect accurate information and benefits that are important to them. On the other hand, unless you sell highly specialized things, you are not "alone in the village", in other words, the competition is numerous and fierce.

So, if you want to win a customer such as myself, you need to “step out of the dark” when it comes to your webshop; not only in terms of presenting all the important information but also in organizing your business in a way that will benefit the buyer.

Don’t complicate, give the customer everything that matters to him, and he’ll buy from you.

If you're not sure what to do, please, do contact us. We have been present on the eCommerce market for over twenty years and have helped many clients build web shops that are successfully doing business today.