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The process of making your Magento web store

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If you want to grow your online revenue stream and present, your products in a way that creates the best customer experience with better conversions, then you need professional E-Commerce solution for professional online business. You need make first initial contact to Perpetuum Mobile. After that we need together make business Analysis by asking you a list of question about your future online store:

  • How many products will you have?
  • How many categories will you have?
  • Will you have some sort of merchandising activities (sales, discounts, etc.)?
  • How many products will you tap in these merchandising activities?
  • Are you going to make different merchandising activities for different types of goods?
  • How many tags and settings (tags, description, price, category, delivery terms, several photos of each product, etc.) will have every particular product?
  • Will you have different delivery terms for different countries for the same product?
  • Will you have several languages?
  • Will you have local store or international?
  • Will you have first local and then international? How will you manage this transition?
  • Will you have one product picture on the category page and another one (or several of them) on the product page?
  • How are you going to manage taxes?
  • Will you use some customer management systems?
  • What kind of design will you have?
  • Will your customers use product search on your site?
  • and many more…

After this questions we need write some requirement specifications for prototyping, mockups.

Our job is development and testing your Magento shop that include agile methodology, transparent process and quality control.

Final release of your Magento E-Commerce solution will have Warranty period and support that include:

  • Technical support
  • Marketing support
  • Quality assurance

Start your project! 

The process of making your Magento web store