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No stress on Cres (nor on Krk, Rab, and Lošinj)

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Perpetuum Mobile Mitas 4 Islands

Mitas 4 Islands stage race was held from 11 to 14 of April 2018, and our colleagues came back with a smile on their faces despite the mild burns from the sun.

Perpetuum’s team this year was represented by MTBs Matej Posavec and Marko Plevinjak. The race was extremely difficult and unique because it was held, as the title speaks it itself, on the four islands by order Krk, Rab, Cres, and Lošinj. In four days, there was about 270 km of technically demanding trails and a total of about 5000 meters of climb.

Matej and Marko went on the race a day earlier to be able to settle down and make the final preparations, from meals and accommodation to technical stuff. The next day the race started off the shores of Baška on Krk, it later turned out that that was the hardest but also turned out to be one of the finest stages.
Unfortunately, the weather didn’t come in handy. At the end of the day and during the night the weather was just getting worse, finally, the rain came in the morning. After breakfast, they were headed towards the port of Valbiska where they left the car and took the bicycles to the ferry.

The second stage started from the ferry in Lopar, and soon things got more complicated, but we’ll leave the story to Marko: "The field soon reminded us that rain + earth=mud, but we stayed strong and started the race with positive thoughts and finished it without any big problems. This was the most challenging stages for us because we didn’t book the accommodation on Rab, to make it more interesting we had to finish the stage in a certain period to arrive at the next and only ferry that returns to Krk. We made it but we were muddy and cold, when we came back to Baška, we realized that our bicycles suffered a lot of damage from the combination of water, sand, and mud, but we successfully managed that part too.”

After Rab, the third stage came. After breakfast, our team travelled to the ferry that led them to Cres. When they arrived at the dock they were awaited by an unpleasant situation. The monitor stopped them at the ferry and told them that if there was no room on the ferry they’ll need to wait for the next one - this would mean that they would miss the race. But this time fortune smiled upon them and they managed to get on the ferry. Before the race, they managed to change the pads on the bicycles and get ready. It was not easy because the race started with a steep climb and they forgot to put the sunscreen on. (boys will be boys 😊)
The fourth stage was on Lošinj, it was the shortest stage. This time they were relieved; the road was fast and fun with a beautiful terrain. They even managed to have a good pace throughout the race.

This year’s finish line was moved a hundred yards before so they even had an excess of energy. They took 37th place in the strongest category with a total of 13 hours and 30 minutes driving. The guys are happy with this year's race and they hope to repeat the experience next year.