A new look & a new web for Perpetuum | Perpetuum Mobile

A new look & a new web for Perpetuum

Ivo Špigel Perpetuum Mobile
A new look & a new web for Perpetuum

We felt it was time to build a new website for Perpetuum. While we were at it, we decided to redesign our logo as well. So here’s a few thoughts on that…

The logo had been around for quite a while - ever since 1999 (I kid you not) when we merged our two companies, “Perpetuum” and “Mobile” to form what is today still Perpetuum Mobile d.o.o. 

In any case, we felt we didn’t need a completely new and different design but rather a simplified and modernized version of the former one. 

The old and the new logo
The old and the new logo

Odd as it may seem, on a personal note, part of my impetus for this approach came from none other than Aston Martin. Yeah … that Aston Martin. I was in Lausanne early last year for a tech conference and decided to visit the Geneva Motor Show, primarily to visit my friend Mate Rimac and his crew of merry men. RIght next to the Rimac booth was Aston Martin and there they had a display of the evolution of the Aston Martin logo over time. Note: I’m quite clueless about cars and generally not very interested in them but hey - a chance to stop by and say hello to Mate & crew at this prestigious event was not to be missed. Anyway… that gradual evolution of the AM logo kind of stuck in my mind. Obviously Perpetuum is just a small software shop and not a prestigious global luxury brand but no harm in learning from the best.

So… after quite a bit of thought and work by our trusted graphic designer, Mrs Dada Špigel … hello new Perpetuum Mobile logo! We decided to only keep “Perpetuum” in the logo itself since we usually refer to the company that way anyway plus that’s our domain (more on that in a minute) and also it’s much shorter and thus more convenient, especially for our international friends.

Now about that website … You’ve probably heard the old adage that making simple things takes more time than complicated ones, and this applied very much to the web project. Our digital design ninja, the esteemed Mr Zvonimir “Zvone” Dimovski, commented during the process that I caused a lot more suffering than our “normal” clients with all the comments, feedback, requirements coming from myself and everyone involved with the process. Just fine with me :-) since I’m very happy with what Zvone and everyone that worked on the project ultimately came up with. 

Perpetuum website

We decided early on to host our site on two different domains - the old and trusted “perpetuum.hr” for the Croatian version and our shiny new “perpetuum.eu” for the English one. I actually had to fork out some $300 from the company account to purchase the domain from some joker but I’m sure it will be more than worth it. 

Not to go into too many details around the structure and design, take a look for yourself and we hope you’ll like it. Actually… we hope you’ll love it

Our friends from the marketing team at Jasno&Glasno were great partners on the project, helping to decide on various aspects of the structure and content. The goal overall is to guide our visitors not so much to the home page but rather to the two areas which will have the most dynamic content - the case studies and the blog posts.

Welcome! … to our new web and our new logo … Please feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you think!