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Magento 2 – a new standard for E-commerce

Ivan Rogar Magento, E-Commerce

Magento 2 is a technologically unique platform and it's currently the most powerful e-Commerce solution with one of the the largest eco-systems in the business. Thanks to its scalability and long-term reliability, it is among the fastest growing platforms, empowering more than millions of online stores, including some of the leading businesses and brands.

With Magento 2.0, developers can adapt to it easily by providing better functionality to the customers. Due to its major architecture changes, it has become more modular, cloud friendly and provides greater development flexibility. The new architecture is designed in such a way that it supports faster third party API implementations which is one of the key aspect for numerous  specific client customizations.

Checkout functionality in eCommerce websites is among the most crucial aspects as it directly impacts the core business. New checkout functionality in Magento 2.0 provides better shopping experience with modern design and better accessibility.  

Extraordinary features and support make this platform the best choice in the business for  improved profit and higher return of investments. With many attractive features and a promising future, it is time for you to enhance your eCommerce platform and make it more secure and performance centric with Magento 2.