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KEKS Pay Mobile Payments for Magento – Frequently Asked Questions

          What is KEKS Pay?

KEKS Pay is a mobile application which enables its end-users to send and receive funds quickly and securely, without any fees. This app for mobile payments is made for all smartphone users, regardless of the bank where they have an account, and it is particularly interesting due to its simplicity. Anyone can install it for free and use it to send or request funds from friends using only their phone number There is no need to enter the number of the account for every transaction. The user can send funds from the card they usually use, whether it is a credit or a debit card, or from a current account, and the funds will be transferred to the IBAN that the recipient has provided during the app installation.


          What is KEKS Pay Mobile Payments for Magento extension?

Perpetuum created the original KEKS Pay Mobile Payments extension for Magento, the leading eCommerce platform, which enables you to implement all the advantages of this innovative payment option for all credit cards and bank accounts within the Magento online stores with ease.


          What are the advantages of using the KEKS Pay charging system?

•    Payment within a webshop by using KEKS Pay is drastically quicker and simpler than credit card payment, which for vendors means more purchases and a bigger percentage of completed transactions, as well as the increase of webshop turnover
• The simplicity is especially prominent when it comes to customers who use mobile devices for shopping. Statistics show that in some webshops, “mobile” customers constitute more than 80% of all users
•    Your webshop becomes accessible to the community of more than 130,000 KEKS Pay users who frequently use mobile payment methods
•    Option of charging regardless of the bank where your customers have their accounts or cards, without POS terminals and the complications that go hand in hand with card payment
•    Option of using the KEKS Pay charging system regardless of the bank where you have your business account
•    You get payment confirmations in real-time, and the transaction amount is visible already the next workday


          How to implement KEKS Pay Mobile Payments into the Magento platform?

KEKS Pay for the Magento eCommerce platform is available on the Magento Marketplace, you can integrate it free of charge!


          How long does the integration take?

The exact amount of time for integration depends on the technical prerequisites of the eCommerce solution you are using. If you are interested, our experienced Magento developers will create an individual estimate for you. Contact us!


          What are the costs?

Implementing and using the Magento extension KEKS Pay Mobile Payments for Magento is free. The cost of implementing this extension into your webshop can depend on the price of the services of those who implement it – usually your IT/Magento partners.


To integrate KEKS Pay into your eCommerce solution, you need to become a KEKS Pay user and arrange cooperation by simple online procedure. Find out more at and for any additional questions don't hesitate to contact us!