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KEKS Pay Mobile Payments for Magento

Online transactions as short as the word KEKS!

We proudly present the KEKS Pay Mobile Payments for Magento extension! Keks Pay is a mobile system for funds transferring that enables customers to shop online simply and securely and it offers webshops owners a modern way to manage funds.

KEKS Pay Mobile Payments for Magento – simple and secure charging within the webshop! 

By integrating KEKS Pay Mobile Payments into the Magento online store, you enable customers a simple and fast payment method without the tiresome process of entering credit card numbers and additional 2FA authentication. As a webshop owner, you can rely on a secure way of charging all credit cards and bank accounts. The app itself is protected by a PIN or biometric security, and transactions are encrypted and stored on secured servers. 

Modern, quick, affordable, and secure are some of the key reasons why the KEKS Pay app is so popular and why the number of users is continuously growing. Seize the opportunity to connect your online store with more than 150.000 members of the KEKS Pay community using KEKS Pay Mobile Payments for Magento!

KEKS Pay Mobile Payments on the Magento Marketplace

KEKS Pay Mobile Payments extension is listed on the Magento Marketplace which confirms our active member role within this leading global open-source eCommerce community and by which we continue on creating innovative solutions in line with the leading trends. Download extension of this popular financial product for free and become one of the early adopter KEKS Pay Mobile Payments customers.

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Integrate KEKS Pay Mobile Payments into your Magento online store and ensure your customers' payment option with the most popular mobile funds transferring app!  

Upgrade your online store with a secure and simple mobile payment option - KEKS Pay Mobile Payments for Magento and enable webshop transactions that are as short as the word KEKS! You can find out more about how to use this popular eCommerce financial product in the user guide and the answers to frequently asked questions find here.

When shopping in an online store using a mobile phone, payment by KEKS Pay depends on the web browser from which KEKS Pay is opened using a deep link. Payment by KEKS Pay works properly on the most frequently used browsers, which successfully covers more than 99% of transactions. For rarely used browsers, customers are advised to use, for example, Chrome (Android) or Safari (iOS) in the payment process.

With the independent integration of KEKS Pay Mobile Payments, you can enhance your existing Magento online store simply and free of charge, and to all of you who do not already have a developed webshop, we present Shop to Go – a package solution for a quick e-commerce set-up including the free complimentary KEKS Pay Mobile Payments integration!

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