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Joining the Clutch Race

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Why Clutch?

Eleonora, the Analyst at said, “Clutch is a B2B research, ratings and reviews site that identifies leading IT and marketing service providers and software. Clutch evaluates companies based on over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors, including client reviews, company experience, client list, industry recognition, and market presence. Clutch helps companies manage their online reputation through 3rd party, verified reviews and increases their online visibility and traffic.” is a platform where any service provider can create their profile and collect B2B ratings and reviews that are later used to categorize companies by their geographic location, field of expertise, and key skills. All reviews are personally verified by the Clutch team and objective ratings are posted on the company profile at Clutch. A unique and thorough review process makes Clutch rating a key thing customers are looking at when choosing a partner to solve their problem. Clutch today has over 150,000 agencies on their platform and has collected more than 36,000 client reviews. Even though it has been present on the market for more than 30 years, Perpetuum is not one of them and that needed to change.

Creating the Profile

We were aware that we needed to create a Clutch profile, but with all other activities and projects being done within the company, we needed some time in order to secure all the resources necessary for this project. Upon receiving several questions about our Clutch rating or our Clutch profile and having no response, we were pushed to make the creation of the profile a priority. The entire company was a part of the process and despite the long time it took to finalize our profile, the process was fun and everyone enjoyed it. The steps needed to be taken were defined and we got to work.

Some general information about the company was imported on the profile - location, number of employees, year when it was founded, etc. We had to define the services we offer and systems and frameworks that we are using. To do so, we asked a few of our developers to gather around one computer screen and pick out everything they are using when working on projects. As we finalized this step, we realized there is a jungle of frameworks on the profile and the potential clients will not be able to understand well what exactly it is that we do. So, we gathered again, a smaller team this time, and we filtered through everything. Now our profile looked neat and clear.

Focus services

The next step included adding our most significant projects to present the work we do and our marketing team took care of this. Since we are developing websites and web shops, we decided to present three websites and three web shops. These include Auto Hrvatska, Barcaffe,, Amphinicy Technologies, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, and Croatian Parliament. The content for each of the projects was prepared, the visuals were created, and soon they were on our profile too. 


The final step was the most lengthy of them all - collecting reviews for our past projects. As our sales team wanted to help the clients out as much as possible with reviews, they created personalized documents that served them as a guide. The sales team distributed their tasks and each member contacted several clients. Preparing the review guides proved to be a great solution since our clients had no issues nor the need to ask for any additional help with leaving the reviews. Soon after, we started to receive notifications of reviews on our Clutch profile. Everyone was ecstatic when we saw our first review and extremely happy when we saw the praises and the satisfaction of our clients.
Finally, the profile was finished!

The Result and the Future

We set May 10th as an internal deadline to complete all the steps since Clutch revises each profile and categorizes the companies in our geographical area at the end of May. In June, the rankings for the year 2020 were published. We were aware of the strong competition in Croatia, but despite that, we achieved a result that made us proud and motivated to be better. 2nd place in Top Drupal Developers in Croatia and 8th place in Top E-Commerce Developers in Croatia. 

Drupal developers resultE-Commerce developers result

Despite the great results, we are not satisfied. Our goal is to win the race and reach the top spot at Clutch rankings for the year 2021 and win the Top Company Award and Badge. Not only will they serve as a proof of our great work, but nice decorations for our office and our website as well. In the future, we plan on actively using Clutch and urging our clients to leave reviews upon finalization of each project. As we have been doing so far, we will continue to provide top-quality services and final products, all while aiming for that top spot among Croatian web development and e-commerce companies. We are excited about all the future projects that we will be able to share on our profile, and here you can see what we did so far.