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An Introduction to Magento Connect

Alen Pagač Magento

Magento Connect is an online platform for publishing, buying and downloading functional extensions for Magento, developed by numerous third-party teams and companies. By some measures Magento Connect is the world’s largest marketplace for eCommerce applications. With over 240 000 merchants using Magento worldwide, the number of available extensions is growing daily. Whether you want to get recognized by the Magento community or increase your Magento revenue, Connect is a good place to start. Detailed developer profiles, extensive reviews, questions and answers and extension ratings ensure that good quality extensions will be recognized. 

Magento connect

Should you go with extensions or custom development? It depends. Even though extensions provide extra functionality to your store, there are always pros and cons for installing them. Installing extensions can cut the time needed to get the functionality up and running by a huge margin but there is a potential drawback regarding security. Third party extensions are often not maintained properly so any flaws in the extension can cause security risks for your entire store. It’s often stated that “a system is only as secure as its weakest link”. That is true, but the way to ensure maximum security  when using extensions is to install only trusted extensions with good reviews and used by multiple other stores.

With every extension it’s important to sort your priorities. When multiple factors are in play like time, resources or demand, extensions can quickly provide you with a valuable and useful solution and can be a logical step to take.