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How we simplified the everyday business of a big logistics company

For the leading logistics company in Croatia and the region, Perpetuum Mobile conceived and developed Intereuropa 5P – an analysis and sales system that simplifies the organization of customer relationships, offers, and business documentation.

Intereuropa Logistics Services Ltd.

To devise a customer relationship management solution through implementing a portal for monitoring sales and after-sales activities that will further centralize, systematize, and simplify the entire process of providing logistical services.


Instead of investing in expensive specialized software, Perpetuum suggested the designing of a system based on SharePoint technology, tools, and applications that Intereuropa already had access to. The result was Intereuropa 5P, a business solution for managing customer relationships that has its foundations in Microsoft's SharePoint platform for the designing of intranet and collaborative systems as well as applications that manage content, documents, and business intelligence.

Intereuropa 5P is a system dedicated to the monitoring and analysis of sales as well as the management of customer relationships, offers, and business documentation. The system enables employees to easily generate offers and subsequently monitor them according to specific parameters. It is also used to record after-sales activities with customers. Intereuropa 5P uses a central database, in which the key record is the customer, containing all the necessary data for customer relationship management. It was designed in the form of an intranet portal for the monitoring of sales and after-sales activities. In addition, program modules have been designed to link business and customer relationships and automatize basic processes.


“During the project, we were extremely interactive and would meet several times a week in order to discuss the specifics of the system and maintain awareness of real problems that we came across. With Intereuropa 5P, there’s no doubt about its usefulness. Now we are more effective, and we keep track of everything we do – to which customers we’ve sent offers, how many, when we sent them, and for which of our products. We also monitor the status of each offer, we follow up on sent offers for which there has been no reply, and we record activities connected with each client. Now we can keep all documents connected with each client in one place, and we are able to monitor each of our employees’ sales and after-sales activities. It’s no longer necessary to be a computer expert in order to prepare reports for our shareholders; now they can be generated in just a few minutes. A big advantage of this program is that it is very simple to use, and most employees learned how to use it after only a few hours of instruction. Kudos to Perpetuum.”