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How to license and manage software assets without spending a fortune

Danko Selak

The IAITAM 2019 Fall Conference and Exhibition Conference was held in Amsterdam in mid-November. IAITAM is an international association of IT asset management experts, established since 2002 and Perpetuum is the only proud member from this part of Europe. Traditionally, we have also participated in the conference as lecturers, giving a remarkable lecture "How to license Microsoft SQL Server without spending a fortune" in which we presented to audience our successful consulting experience in licensing and managing IT assets.

The conference is being held in Europe for the fifth time, as it has been organized and held globally for fifteen years. The membership of the IAITAM Association is made up of over 1200 companies and institutions including all major software, hardware or auditing and auditing companies - eg Apple, Dell, Deloitte, HP, KPMG, Lenovo, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, PWC ... In Amsterdam, among more than two hundred participants from 24 countries, their representatives found their place - either as lecturers or as participants. Overall, in two days, 32 different lectures could be heard in two different "tracks" offering a lot of interesting and high-quality content.



Although IT asset management touches on a broader range of topics, the conference focused on software asset management (SAM) and the impact that SAM has on the growing need to control the deployment of computer cloud resources and software licensing legislation and regulations alignment. Both large and small companies are affected by the topic, and although early SAM adopters were large companies with generous budgets, the fact is that no one operating on the territory of the European Union (or beyond), regardless of company’s' size, can ignore security issues nor the legal and financial risks it may cause. That makes SAM an indispensable link in the technology / business chain. Of course, we're not just talking about SAM as inventory of installed software, it's just a small part of the story. We are talking about a complete project of monitoring the life cycle of software in companies. We are talking about policies and procedures in procurement, production, reuse, write-off ... For us, SAM is a continuous business process whose implementation reduces business risk, generates financial savings and increases efficiency!

After a great weekend in Amsterdam, we are pleased to confirm that the decision we made ten years ago - to actively engage with SAM as an activity we want to engage in and want to offer our customers - was justified and correct. Membership in IAITAM, certification of our employees and attendance at conferences like this one are proof that in this field we are still committed to bringing quality to the projects we realize. 
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