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Highly informative digital catalogue with great UX

For Auto Hrvatska Prodajno servisni centri we created website presenting digital product catalogue for car parts with numerous functionalities that simplifies user experience adding a sense of practicality and personalization. Created solution offers dynamic user’s location recognition followed by automatic language adaptation and advanced search engine recognizing products by numerous attributes. Automatized product information form and map with workshop locations differentiating their type of service represents web solution tailored for modern customers craving simple and fast information and product access.


Project goal was to create a digital product catalogue that would present integrated B2B and B2C communication. Great number of products and their primary technical attribution presented a challenge in establishing satisfying design and communication platform. As well, we were dealing with requests to create 3 language solution for different market locations and to present wide net of workshop locations differentiating type of service.


Agile management approach enabled real-time response to design and functionalities change requests while respecting planned project objectives.

Design development goal was to create product visibility with intuitive UX and simple search tool. We achieved that by using white as dominated layout color and main logo colors – red and blue - for call to action elements colors.

Landing page contains 3 segments:

  • Product categories corelating with hero element
  • Special offer  
  • Latest news and promotions

By selecting specific product user gets detailed product info sheet and request form and by selecting specific workshop user gets location map pinning all possible locations.

screen bosch2

In order to cover client's business presence on domestic and international markets we located web solution on 2 domains (boschdieselcentar.hr and dieselremacenter.com) and created 3 language variations. UX is additionally simplified by implementation of user's location recognition tool. All web content loads automatically in a language that suits user's location the best:

  • German for Austria, Germany and Switzerland
  • Croatian for Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • English for all other countries

Implemented search engine recognizes vide spectrum of product and workshop attributes presenting advanced solution for complex catalogue content usage and management. As well, smart functionality of copying selected product information directly into a request form is extremely practical solution for a customer that simplifies process of info gathering and saves the time spent on it. 

screen bosch

Using and displaying wide workshop locations map is simplified and improved by multiple filter option:

  • workshop locations display is adjustable for personal cars or commercial vehicles 
  • workshop locations can be filtered by city 

Besides good and simple display of numerous technical data, created solution allows publishing articles with news and promotions updates or expert tips and that is significant added value to the customers.


Homepage which Perpetuum Mobile has done is crisp and clean, leveraging white space to make select visual elements shine.
They take an innovative approach to displaying products on homepage. As you scroll down the page, mix between products, tips and services puts the focus on creating feelings of happiness and security.
The end result: the products feel like design elements, and contribute to the homepage’s attractiveness. It was a pleaseure to cooperate on this project with them.

Ivan Borbaš -Head of Service Bosch Diesel Centar