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A good read with your coffee – How did we put together Barcaffe webshop?

Somewhere out in the internet wilderness, a developer described his job as "turning coffee into code". Thanks to the trust put in us by the Atlantic group, Perpetuum was given an opportunity for an almost alchemical eCommerce project - turn numerous coffees drunk by developers back into coffee, or rather into the Barcaffe webshop!

Barcaffe webshop is one of the first online retail breakthroughs of Atlantic group, and the goal of the project was to start a dynamic and flexible eCommerce solution that will offer its customers an exceptional online shopping experience of chosen coffee selection, as well as provide the client with a stable platform of online shopping that they can manage easily.


The key requirement of the project was the creation of an eCommerce solution that will accurately follow the look of an active Barcaffe website and allow visitors a uniform user experience of two different platforms, i.e. multiple integration of Barcaffe webshop with the existing brand website. The client's desire was to provide its customers with the easiest way to get to Barcaffe Perfetto capsules as well as part of the Barcaffe ground coffee selection.

As part of several months' long project, a particularly challenging goal was a fixed time frame of one month for the development of functionality and design, technical implementation, and testing of solutions with the coordination of a large number of associates.


We made a lot of coffee and went to work. Cooperation on the project included a lot of associates from several companies and Atlantic team consisted of representatives of multiple departments with offices in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Beograd. Regular weekly scrum meetings of all teams involved contributed to good coordination and successful realization of the project, ensuring constant insight in the flow of the project and timely exchange of information. In addition, the client had access to the test server throughout the entire implementation phase to be able to conduct the testing independently. Conducting testing in parallel with the implementation phase (and not only at the end) is known to be the best practice of IT project management, and, on this occasion, it has greatly contributed to the quality of the solution and the speed of implementation.

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We especially emphasize the development of the "subscription" system business process, which enables the creation of a subscription order for selected products and its regular monthly delivery and automatic billing. Such service is a practical solution that provides customers with the desired delivery to the address without worrying about ordering and payment, with additional benefits of the purchase. Also, the solution allows simple management of subscriber orders to the administrator of the online store.

Three factors influenced the decision of the client to rely on the Magento platform for this project. On one hand, Magento provides an exceptionally wide range of functionalities, developed over the years on the experience of tens of thousands of webshops around the world. On the other hand, it is recognized as a global leader in numerous analyzes such as the “Gartner magic quadrant”. And, finally, the client knew Perpetuum has many years of experience in Magento and many successful projects among its references.

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In order to provide Barcaffe fans with the simplest way to get the product, it was necessary to enable safe and carefree online shopping and delivery to the desired address, or to create a solution with integrated payment and delivery systems. It is possible to pay for your favorite coffee with all credit and debit cards via the CorvusPay payment system, and delivery to the desired address is performed by the selected courier service.

The Barcaffe eCommerce solution enables the development of additional functionalities and integrations, so in the next phases of the system development, integration with the user's ERP system as well as with its marketing and CRM system is planned.

We believe that coffee contributed greatly to this - the project was delivered on time! What makes us even happier are customer satisfaction and the positive sales results that significantly exceeded expectations. Interest is extremely high, and the share of online sales compared to offline, for this product line, has increased rapidly and is continuously growing.

If you also have products that you want to offer in the form of an online store, take a look at our eCommerce solution package Shop to Go and fill out the questionnaire, we will get back to you soon. You know, with our coffee drinkers we also have developers who turn beer into code! 😊


Although we are big company, we were looking for a reasonably-priced Magento team to help us bring to life the small webshop we had in mind as a B2C pilot project.

The project management and communication worked really well through the online tools and the dedicated project manager made a great job keeping things together. They were friendly, quick to respond, informative and deliver what is asked for within really tight deadline.

The team has continued to provide assistance and instruction after the release whenever we need it. The site looks and functions beautifully and has most certainly had a positive impact on our business!

Nadia Jelak- eCommerce manager Atlantic Grupa