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Dubrovnik Summer Festival – The making of an attractive website for a famous cultural festival


Creating a new, visually attractive website that will allow Festival visitors to access all the necessary information and view multimedia contents instantaneously, while also allowing web editors to manage the site and content easily. Another important goal was to make the website responsive, that is, accessible and easy to navigate regardless of the type and size of the user’s device, as well as making it integrated with the social networks that the Dubrovnik Summer Festival uses to communicate with its visitors.


The previous version of the website, based on the Microsoft .Net platform, had won a number of prestigious competitions. Due to the technological advances since the creation of the first site, the migration to the Drupal CMS, that is, iSite Open, was suggested as a solution that would allow the integration of numerous visually attractive contents, as well as allowing us to adapt the site to the needs of the users. The website is coordinated with the visual identity of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, has a responsive design, and is integrated with social networks. When creating the digital monograph, also with the help of Perpetuum Mobile, we used multimedia content created over the years. Special attention was paid to the way in which web content was produced and changed on the web, which eliminated some of the problems of the earlier version of the site.


Perpetuum Mobile developed the first festival website that was rewarded in prestigious competitions several times. We are proud of our collaboration with Perpetuum over the last ten years, and grateful for the opportunity we were given to make a business partner as well as a friend. Their creativity has allowed the Festival to stay a step ahead of everyone else.

Ivana Medo Bogdanović-The Executive Director of Dubrovnik Summer Festival