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Croatian Parliament - Complex Solution based on Open Source

The collaboration between the Croatian Parliament and Perpetuum started in 2003 when the first official web pages of the Croatian Parliament were published on Perpetuum’s CMS iSite. Over the course of the following fifteen years we have grown together, learned together and built together. Together with the expert team from the Parliament, a database for parliamentary work has been created. Even today the database manages tens of thousands pieces of data about parliamentary terms, the structure of the parliamentary body, plenary work, international activities of the Parliament.

Previous experience and knowledge has been incorporated into the new web site for the Parliament. The new site was published in December of 2018. The success of the project in modernising the Parliament’s web pages lies, among other things, in transitioning to Drupal, an open-source platform, along with a successful migration of all current data without disrupting the Parliament’s Internet gazette for the public to access. Of course, the partnership, long-term cooperation and trust between the Parliament and Perpetuum are a capital beyond measure.

Croatian Parliament

The web site of the Croatian Parliament is its official daily informative gazette. The purpose of the site is to inform and communicate with Croatian and international audiences as well as to make the discussions and decision-making process in the Parliament available and transparent to citizens.   

The goal of restructuring and redesigning of the pages was to modernise existing functionalities and layout, build in new and transfer all existing data, and modernise the look and feel. A particularly important goal for the client was to fulfil the legal obligation of enabling the public to reuse information by automated downloading of open datasets. 

sabor home

The present official web pages of the Parliament are among the most advanced when compared to parliaments worldwide. The pages enable access to archived data, as well as the live parliamentary proceedings and are a solid base for longterm, future development.


Although the Croatian Parliament’s web pages do not look as different from others at a first glance, they are entirely new web pages. With a new and more modern design which completely meets the requests of contemporary web browsers, the pages are responsive and are quickly and easily adaptable to any device used to access them in the first place.   

An abundance of information which can be found on the pages of the Croatian Parliament are now laid out in an intuitive and simple way and are easily accessible to both citizens and the media, as well as the Parliament members themselves.

dnevni red sabor

A simple design and user-friendliness do not reveal the complexity of the whole project, because of which finishing the project took almost two years. In particular, the greatest changes occurred in the background of the website. A tight integration of two systems was needed; two systems which run the content and they do it in a way that it all appears as a unified system on the page itself.

Thus, it was necessary to adapt the data from the old page (posts, texts, documents, videos, photos, links) and transfer them to the new Drupal CMS and update all links in order for them to work flawlessly on the new web page as well. A special challenge was the data migration from Fact Sheet Manager (FSM), a system which is used in the Parliament for keeping records of all members, working bodies, clients, clubs, but also legal bills, daily agendas, many other data. FSM keeps track of all Parliament members from the moment they receive the title and take the oath in the Parliament up until they become inactive in the Parliament. In short, FSM is the digital heart of the Parliament which needed to be transplanted into a new body. Even though we are talking about a very complex system, with a lot of data, many rules and exceptions to those same rules, updating the system demanded introducing new expansions and functionalities. For that reason, FSM’s integration into the new website became even more complex.


Special attention has been paid to the migration of large quantities of data because only a part of the data from FSM is available to the public via the web page. The other part is used for internal functioning of the Parliament itself and is not visible to the visitors of the website.

It was necessary to add data of all members of the Parliament, bodies, committees, parliamentary sittings, but also of all supporting documents of the Parliament’s work.

Numerous multimedia contents, such as recordings of sittings, are even more clearly laid out in the new version of the website because a viewer can have information about a certain item on a daily agenda with the supporting documentation and the video of the discussion and voting, all in one place. 


The new website enables easier collecting and retrieving of information on working bodies’ activities, and protocol and other activities of the Speaker of Parliament on video panels which are located in the Parliament building.

In the end, the Croatian Parliament got a new system which, on the outside, looks clean, modern, and is easier to use than the old website. On the inside, it enables the employees of the Parliament to track all activities of the members in detail. It also makes the process of publishing content on the web pages easier.

We at Perpetuum are particularly proud that the Croatian Parliament, which evidently publishes the largest amount of content in comparison to any other public body of National Authority, will be able to carry out its job flawlessly in the future as well, thanks to our solution.


We have long planned to upgrade and redesign our web site in order to meet the contemporary needs and requirements of our users regarding easier searchability of related information and enhanced functionality corresponding with modern technological solutions. It has been a very demanding project that had often tested the endurance and patience limits of all of us who participated in it. In these situations, you need a reliable partner like Perpetuum has proven to be time and time again. From the heart, thank you to the whole team!

MARINA BUNTIĆ JURIČIĆ -Head of Projects and Parliamentary Media service