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Crisis as a challenging opportunity

Ivana Mijić

The unpredictability of life and business proved to be fully effective in 2020. Just like the earthquake that struck Zagreb on March 22st, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the whole world, and the consequences will be revealed for a long time to come. The best we can do, both as individuals and as a company, is to face the crisis as a fact and to use resources wisely to manage it as quickly as possible.

"A crisis (Greek krisis) means a fracture, a starting condition in every natural, social and thought process. At the very heart of the crisis is that it needs to be decided and is not yet decided."¹

Crisis management

As a responsible company, the health and safety of our team members comes first so we implemented all the recommended activities on time that protected our employees and associates. Prepared with equipment and tools, we ensured that the business is running smoothly and without disruption - we have successfully switched to work from home and meetings and other business activities with clients are carried out seamlessly online.

Information network and Project Management

In order to reduce the destructive effects of a crisis, executive management constantly conducts open, complete and timely communication with employees, business partners and suppliers, using the Microsoft Office 365 suite and its many tools. All projects and business processes are carried out according to plan, providing our customers with technical and business support and other contracted services without disturbance.

"We have just completed MS Teams online training for various clients with more than 20 external participants. We are extremely pleased with the communication and that's confirmed by the users! I believe that we will be challenged by this situation to learn a lot and start applying modern communication tools at a higher level. I can certainly emphasize that, conducting this online education, we have been able to improve time and required human resources management." points out project manager Filip Radulovic as an example of good new situation mastering and the potential that digital communication tools provide.

Teams online education


Crisis as a chance for improvement

No one could have anticipated or prepared for this challenging situation, and reactions, impact and consequences varied. Not all branches of society or economy are affected equally, but the importance of digital platforms is generally emphasized. Investing in an online presence and business digitalization results in lower risk and easier functioning. The best example is retail - the existence of functional eCommerce solutions has proven to be both profitable for business and for the functioning of society.

"The crisis is nothing more than an expression of fundamental disagreement within the enterprise and between the enterprise and the environment, and the way out of the crisis is to establish a new, internal and external dynamic harmony. For each crisis - no matter how it is managed - the learning process is central. Learning means taking the chance to be better. "²

How successful we will be in coping with the crisis depends on our willingness to learn and the speed of adaptation. Perpetuum will be happy to help anyone who sees this crisis as a challenging opportunity to digitialize their business, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Unconquered Teams PPP

In addition to successful adaptation of business processes to the new situation, we also successfully organized a digital version of traditional PPP (Fridays after work) gathering, optimism and Perpetuum team spirit remain unconquered! We wish the same for you. Stay safe and #stayhome until this crisis is gone.

Source: Crisis as a Chance, N.O. Bedenik, Školska knjiga, 2007.