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Creating a great online experience for music lovers

Perpetuum has developed the platform for the web shop of the famous Croatian record store Aquarius Records, which allows buyers to shop online for legal and licensed music.

Aquarius Records

Music lovers in Croatia and the neighboring countries have always had limited access to legal digital music for a number of different reasons. Our client, Aquarius Records, has decided to stop this trend, and has hired us to create the first real local web shop that legally sells music, both in the offline format (CD and LP) as well as by downloading.

We have developed and created a platform that Croatian and regional buyers can use to shop for legal, licensed digital music online. The client resolved the issues with intellectual property and the platform was integrated with the already existing ERP.


In order to manage a complex system of legal music distribution on the Internet and to regulate intellectual property rights, Aquarius Records has established cooperation with Digiplug, a sister company to the world-renowned Accentura. This allowed us to regulate the distribution rights, including the rights to sell MP3 files, for a great number of world artists and performers. We collaborated with local record companies and brands to acquire the music of local and regional artists and performers.

The project’s biggest technical challenge was the integration with Digiplug, as it required migrating hundreds of thousands of songs to the new platform in accordance with all the property rights, and paying all the artists royalties. The chosen iSite/Magento platform has successfully answered this challenge, and has integrated with the existing ERP, the 4D-Wand app, with no major issues.