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Building a digital office for a prominent law firm

One of Croatia’s most respected law firms, among the best in the field, has digitalized its entire business and migrated their complete filing system to the cloud with the help of Perpetuum.

Divjak, Topić & Bahtijarević Law Firm

To systematize and centralize operations and migrate the whole business to a digital office, that is, to migrate the business to the cloud.


In order to bring order to the existing system and systematize operations,  the business was migrated to a digital office using the collaborative solution of Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Elements of the infrastructure were opened to outside associates and partners through cloud services, without jeopardizing the privacy of the other users or their documents. All employees use the same platform, and they can access it through the unique SharePoint portal. A unified filing system was arranged in order to facilitate document searches as well as tracking individual documents over extended periods.

Office 365 made it possible for different parties to collaborate on documents at the same time, as well as being given insight into earlier versions of documents. A special CRM was developed to keep track of parties from beginning to end of each case, and additional modules were designed to make administrative processes at the office automatized. Due to the specific nature of the company’s work, an encyclopedia of the legal practice was developed – a legal Wiki – which is available to users at the office. Finally, in order to provide full mobility to the lawyers, the Blackberry Enterprise service was moved to the cloud using the free Blackberry Office 365 service.


The story about the cloud at our office started over two years ago, when we started discussing our understanding of the role of IT support for our business. At that point, we had no information about what something like this would look like in our field. After gathering information, we realized we would have to make something of our own, and that it would be both painful and expensive. When we made the decision, things started moving very fast. It took six months from the start of the project with Perpetuum to the testing of the final product. Divjak, Topić & Bahtijarević Law Firm was the first office of law in Croatia to switch to an integrated digital office on the cloud, thanks to its cooperation with Perpetuum.

Saša Divjak-Partner at Divjak, Topić & Bahtijarević