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Drupal 9 – The Easiest Upgrade in a Decade!
Ivana Mijić

What NASA, CISEx Association, Lufthansa, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, GRAMMYs, Croatian Parliament and Stanford University have in common?

Drupal as the platform for their prominent digital presence!

Crisis as a challenging opportunity
Ivana Mijić

The unpredictability of life and business proved to be fully effective in 2020. Just like the earthquake that struck Zagreb on March 22st, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the whole world, and the consequences will be revealed for a long time to come. The best we can do, both as individuals and as a company, is to face the crisis as a fact and to use resources wisely to manage it as quickly as possible.

Is PM Ready for AI Revolution?
Filip Radulović

A new big trend - artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging in an ever-competing market as a new driving force of digital transformation. Some see it as the promise of the future, while others are skeptical of its impact. But when we look at the numbers, the image is no longer fuzzy. In PwC 2019. Annual Global CEO Survey, 85% of CEOs agreed that AI would significantly change the way they do business in the next five years. Some years earlier, in 2017.

Web performance matters (and how to improve it)
Zvonimir Dimovski

We can talk about website UX issues, the use of A/B tests to determine whether it is better to put CTA button on the left or the right side of the website, or if it is better to use appropriate color schemes to lower the cognitive load in order to enhance webshop conversion rate. However, the main thing that we know for sure is that poor website performance is making businesses lose their customers.


Shake their hand, look ‘em in the eye and deploy empathy
Filip Radulović

Global trends are impacting all professions and project management is surely no exception. Today, we are talking about AI systems that can effectively handle scheduling, reminders, and follow-ups to eliminate the need for human input. We also have expectations from IoT (Internet of Things) giving us a global network of devices that can use the internet to communicate with one another as well as with end-users. But there is one important factor that is steadily fading away – the value of "Soft Skills"!

How to license and manage software assets without spending a fortune
Danko Selak

The IAITAM 2019 Fall Conference and Exhibition Conference was held in Amsterdam in mid-November. IAITAM is an international association of IT asset management experts, established since 2002 and Perpetuum is the only proud member from this part of Europe. Traditionally, we have also participated in the conference as lecturers, giving a remarkable lecture "How to license Microsoft SQL Server without spending a fortune" in which we presented to audience our successful consulting experience in licensing and managing IT assets.

TeamWork while building the Drupal online survey form makes it GreatWork!
Ivana Mijić

The success of marketing activities depends largely on knowing the audience they are addressing. Surveys are an easy tool to identify your target and get to know your users, their habits and needs. Perpetuum participated in the Career Days of several University of Zagreb Career Days recently (FER, FOI, PMF) and we took this opportunity to get to know students and the criteria they consider when selecting jobs.

The Role of Functional Specification in Projects
Filip Radulović

Today, a very common buzz in project management is 'Agile'. Agile this, agile that... and when project scope and budget slips away everyone is ready to point fingers. When developing complex IT solutions for clients who want to be in step with modern business solutions we often come across clients who don't have enough information to fully estimate the impact of digital transformation to their businesses. This is completely normal, considering the transitional characteristics of our society.

Work hard, BBQ harder
Ivana Mijić

How popular Perpetuum Barbecue is I realized as soon as I came onboard – most common question asked since June was „When is the BBQ?“

Coordinate summer vacations and business schedules was a great challenge, but Ana managed to organize great autumn gathering at Bundek lake.

Excellent crowd, distracted from daily tasks and deadlines, demonstrated how you Work hard, BBQ harder!

Check out in photo gallery and find out who are Perpetuum people, what is served on Miki, Danko and Ivo MasterChef’s Menu and latest fashionable BBQ sunwear trends.

Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant Names Magento as a Leader for a third consecutive year
Ivana Mijić

Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant has identified Magento as a Leader in Digital Commerce for a third consecutive year!

Gartner, the world's leading IT research and advisory company, within its well-known Magic Quadrant report, based on a series of market research, presents status, trends and company relations on relevant markets. 2019 Magic Quadrant report for Digital Commerce positions Magento company and Magento eCommerce platform as a Leader on the market for a third consecutive year!

The Importance of Meeting Minutes in Project Management
Filip Radulović

At our office, meetings take place every day. According to (Atlassian, 2019) the average employee spends up to 31 hours a month in meetings so you can imagine the collective time spent attending meetings. Decisions made in these meetings may involve a lot of time, money and can even change the future of our clients. Often underestimated task – taking meeting minutes – falls on the junior or assistant staff of the organisation, or even worse, gets overlooked even though it is an important and vital task.

Change Requests in Project Management
Filip Radulović

The purpose of change management process is to control and manage change requests to ensure that the project remains on schedule, within budget and provides the agreed deliverables. The Change Request may be initiated by the Client at any time when a need for change is identified.

Role of Competencies in Project Management
Filip Radulović

In a world where complex projects require comprehensive structure and team development, the role of competencies of project managers come out as vital ability to conduct work successfully and efficiently. It may be assumed that competences come from experience based on foundations of knowledge. Is it really so?

We may observe three areas of competencies that together create the whole, balanced individual (IPMA, 2018, p. 26):

Project methodology behind the new web of Amphinicy Technologies
Filip Radulović

European Structural and Investment Funds, as part of the Europe 2020 strategy, are being regionally accepted and companies identify them as a source of funding for their projects. One such project was of Amphinicy Technologies. After obtaining EU funding, their aim was to redesign and have a modern user-friendly solution developed for their company website.

People of Perpetuum- Zvonimir Dimovski

In this edition of People of Perpetuum, we have the opportunity to meet the head of our Varaždin office, Zvonimir. In addition to running a small team of developers, he is a UX / UI designer, developer, entrepreneur, musician, father, and a colleague you could wish for. Why is that? See for yourself:

Hello Zvonimir, thank you for finding the time for an interview in such a tight schedule. Can you tell us, to begin with, briefly something about yourself?


Researching before buying
Miroslav Benak

This post was written from my own personal experience of online shopping when I was searching for a new electric oven. I've been researching the market for a while now and one particular model caught my eye; A model of a renowned manufacturer that is present in our market and is offered by a lot of retailers.

People of Perpetuum: Alan Baudoin

Another gamer from the Perpetuum office in Zagreb told us about his YouTube career, his dog Štanga, Erasmus at RWTH Aachen University, his plans for the future, and he gave a few tips to young people who'll maybe fill his shoes. Well, let's start:

Hey Alan, is there something you'd like to tell us for starters?

My name is Alan, I'm from Zagreb and I'm 26 years old. I graduated from FER faculty in 2016 and I like technology, playing video games, and animals. Those are the three most important things :)!

The sun is shining the weather is sweet

Make you want to move 'cos BBQ has meat!

We had our after - summer - annual - BBQ!
Here's what happened:

  • we ate 17 kg of meat, 6 kg of bean salad, 3 kg of tomatoes, 20 pieces of lepinja, 3 kg of bread...
  • we drank... enough ;)
  • played with Dood (the dog)
  • lied in a hammock
  • threw a frisbee
  • played football
  • laughed
  • sang
  • danced
  • cleaned up after ourselves 


No stress on Cres (nor on Krk, Rab, and Lošinj)
Perpetuum Mobile -Matej Posavec -Marko Plevinjak-Mitas 4 Islands-Bike race

Mitas 4 Islands stage race was held from 11 to 14 of April 2018, and our colleagues came back with a smile on their faces despite the mild burns from the sun.

My own private Chicago
Perpetuum Mobile
Zvonimir Dimovski

Sitting in the famous Chicago Steppenwolf Theater and watching the excellent show, Our Great Tchaikovsky, performed by Hershey Felder, I found that sometimes life hits you in the face when you least expect it. At some point in the show, after a rich musical and compositional legacy is made clear, we realize that Tchaikovsky might be gay. That fact not only influenced his life but probably caused his death.

How (again) the way to hell (prison) is paved with good intentions
SAM, Licensing
Danko Selak

Eric Lundgren, one of the "pioneers and biggest enthusiasts of e-recycling", (as both Croatian and international press describe him), a man who devoted his life and business to the renewal and re-use of discarded electronics, has been su

People of Perpetuum: Bruno Krsnik
Bruno Krsnik-System engineer
Perpetuum Mobile

System engineer, HC gamer, music lover... Our longtime colleague Bruno Krsnik has a wide range of interests and above all, of course, his love for everything that has IT in its name. Find out what his working day is like, how he found himself in IT and what he does when he's not "pounding on the keyboard" at the office. 

 In a nutshell, what jobs and tasks are considered your function? 

Drupal vs. WordPress – who wins?
Drupal-web development
Perpetuum Mobile

For the last ten years in the world of web design and development, we keep hearing the question: which is better, Drupal or WordPress?

Both of them have their outspoken advocates and a stable market position, and they even arrived at a similar time frame. Drupal was launched in 2001, while WordPress was released two years later, originating a little revolution in the world of blogging (but that's a totally different subject).

Why web-shop customers give up, and how to prevent it
Miroslav Benak

Web-shop owners try to make the buying process easier by enabling customers to find products that interest them as quickly and as easily as possible and to buy them.

The goal, of course, after we have brought a customer to our web shop, is to ensure that the preconditions are fulfilled and that he or she stays there, decides on a product, and finally makes the purchase. All of this is quite simple in principle, up until we realize just how many web-shop visitors never get past the “just looking” category.


B2B online marketplace: How and where to start
Miroslav Benak

When a company decides to implement a B2B e-commerce solution, every level of the business organization must be prepared for significant change in its day-to-day activities. Usually, we are talking about traditional companies that have years of experience doing business the classic way, at stores and warehouses. Introducing a new sales channel - in this case, B2B e-commerce - presents challenges for the whole company.

Get connected with DrupalConnect for Magento
Perpetuum Mobile

There's something new from our workshop: we present to you the DrupalConnect extension for Magento

What’s it all about? This Magento 2 extension enables merchants to manage the content on their Magento-based shops from the rich editing environment of the Drupal 8 content management system (CMS). 

What is a B2B online marketplace, and what is its purpose?
Miroslav Benak

In a recent post, we described the challenges that confront owners of web shops whose customers are individuals - i.e., business in a B2C (business-to-customer, business-to-consumer) environment.

I want a web shop - Where should I start?
Miroslav Benak

Several years ago, while preparing for a commercial presentation about e-commerce (essentially, a story about web shops) a co-worker and I agreed upon the following thesis: a web shop is not e-commerce, and e-commerce is not a web shop. We concluded that the perception many people have is simply wrong: everything they know about this topic is based on what they can see or on their own experience as buyers of things on the Internet. So what does this actually mean?

Introduction to CSS variables
CSS-CSS variables
Zvonimir Dimovski

CSS preprocessors (Sass , Less, etc.) are one of the main tools used today by frontend developers to organize their code better, ensure better compatibility through different browser versions, and cut user interface development time through embedded modularity.

These Romans are crazy
Danko Selak

It has become a tradition for the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM, to come and organize their Autumn conference in Europe. It’s also a tradition for us at Perpetuum, one of IAITAM’s proud Provider Members, to go to that conference in order to stay up to date with the newest happenings on the IT asset management scene. However, unlike the last two times, when the conference was held in Dublin, this year our colleagues from IAITAM decided to have it in Rome, Italy.

There should be a CSS grid
Technology-CSS Grid
Zvonimir Dimovski

Front-end developers definitely know of the problems concerning layout design when using floats, clearfixes, inline-block elements, or relative/absolute positioning. Unfortunately, many of them still use these methods even today – not because they’re crazy about working in such a hacky way, but because they’re forced to in order to retain support for old browsers.

What are the differences and the similarities between startups in Estonia and Croatia?
Ivo Špigel

Estonia has been globally recognized as a digital leader on many levels, from the quality of the startups coming out of the country to the government's bold acceptance of high tech solutions for everything from voting in the elections to the high profile „e-residency“ program.

After a recent visit to the capital, Tallinn, my friends and colleagues were curious to hear how Estonian startups compare to those coming from Croatia and Southeast Europe. 

Well... there are differences and similarities.

6 questions we ask client before developing a new website
web development
Perpetuum Mobile

The process of redesigning or creating a new website is, as a rule, a complex job that requires much preparation and planning to create a quality product. Of course, Perpetuum's experts are always well prepared for all digital challenges, but the information that we gather from a client, especially at the initial stages of the project, are of paramount importance in the process of creating a new web page.

Burning Keyboards 2017: A Great Time at a Developers' Summer School
Ivo Špigel

The first module of our „Burning Keyboards“ summer school is over and the students are off to their summer breaks.

It was an exciting and intensive two week module, with a total of 8 participating students, mostly from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing but also some other schools.

What AI can do and what does its development mean for developers?
Perpetuum Mobile

Not so long time ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was nothing else than subject of discussions based on theory and speculative fiction. Today, however, due to fast changes present in every segment of our existence, we came to the point where AI will greatly influence both the technological sector, labour market as well as the everyday life of each one of us.

The Evolution of UX
Zvonimir Dimovski

We can observe the development of User Experience (UX) from the end of the 19th and in the first couple of years in the 20th century when machines started taking part of our everyday lives. At that time, humanity was looking to find a way that could optimize industrial processes in order to improve production as such. This quest resulted in important technological discoveries, such as mass production of goods with the help of assembly lines or a greatly improved printing press.

UI/UX approach, tools and resources for web and app design
Zvonimir Dimovski

UI/UX design is without doubt an important part of a website or application development, therefore choosing the right tools and resources can greatly optimize both workflow and speed up design processes without compromising quality itself.

If you failed to plan, you better plan to fail

A new look & a new web for Perpetuum
Perpetuum Mobile
Ivo Špigel

We felt it was time to build a new website for Perpetuum. While we were at it, we decided to redesign our logo as well. So here’s a few thoughts on that…

The logo had been around for quite a while - ever since 1999 (I kid you not) when we merged our two companies, “Perpetuum” and “Mobile” to form what is today still Perpetuum Mobile d.o.o. 

In any case, we felt we didn’t need a completely new and different design but rather a simplified and modernized version of the former one. 

Introduction to functional JavaScript
Zvonimir Dimovski
Functional programming approach was popular in 70's and 80's last century in academic world. During 90's and beginning of the new millennium it was a bit left aside with rise of imperative (object oriented) approach that took place with languages like Java and C++.
Magento 2 vs OpenCart
Ivan Krsnik
There are dozens of eCommerce platforms out there. Clients often ask us which solution is right for them. Magento 2 or BigCommerce? OpenCart or ZenCart? Maybe WooCommerce? In this blog we will take a closer look at Magento 2 and OpenCart. We will compare these two to help you decide which one is right for you.
Magento 2 Extending Core functionality – Showing custom field from store info on the front page
Mario Erhard
In this blog I will show you an example of how you can Extend Magento Core functions. To start you need to create a folder at app/code// ( is usually the name of the company, but can be any name you wish, same goes for module_name>).
The process of making your Magento web store
Matej Posavec
If you want to grow your online revenue stream and present, your products in a way that creates the best customer experience with better conversions, then you need professional E-Commerce solution for professional online business.
Magento vs Drupal Commerce
Mario Trupković
Drupal was choosen to build complex and robust CMS solutions to satisfy clients' needs for publishing and managing content. On the other hand, Magento was chosen specificaly as an e-commerce platform for building complex multi store  webshop solutions that could handle large amounts of data and provide integrations to third party systems.
Magento 2 – a new standard for E-commerce
Ivan Rogar
Magento 2 is a technologically unique platform and it's currently the most powerful e-Commerce solution with one of the the largest eco-systems in the business. Thanks to its scalability and long-term reliability, it is among the fastest growing platforms, empowering more than millions of online stores, including some of the leading businesses and brands.


An Introduction to Magento Connect
Alen Pagač
Magento Connect is an online platform for publishing, buying and downloading functional extensions for Magento, developed by numerous third-party teams and companies. By some measures Magento Connect is the world’s largest marketplace for eCommerce applications.
Improving Magento performance
Denis Ristić
Magento is known as a 'heavy' eCommerce solution and it can be very slow when not set up correctly. We’ve seen a lot of Magento web shops perform poorly, so we try to do our best to optimize performance for all of the shops Perpetuum Mobile builds.