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Banking and finance in the digital world

Perpetuum’s clients include several banks and financial institutions that have entrusted us with the creation and design of their websites. 

The challenges of creating websites for the financial sector

Building websites for clients in the financial sector is always a special challenge for developers and designers. Today, a bank’s webpage isn’t just an “ID card” but a complex digital destination that offers users access to a variety of financial services, user services, and information, as well as interactive options.

At the same time, in this digital era, more and more people are giving up the habit of visiting physical branches and have gotten used to using financial services from the comfort of their own homes—or wherever they happen to be. When developing a bank’s website, therefore, a designer has to account for the user’s experience (which should always be as simple and intuitive as possible), not to mention security protocols, as well as the demands of the organization’s corporate identity.

But we gladly accept such challenges! Perpetuum’s clients include several banks and financial institutions that have entrusted us with the creation and design of their websites. For this reason, we’ve decided to highlight a few projects from the financial sector that we have been involved in, focusing on the solutions that we used.

Privredna banka Zagreb

Privredna banka Zagreb has been our client ever since the year 2000, when they became one of the first big users of our iSite CMS, which was then based on Microsoft technology. In the meantime, we "migrated" the website of one of the biggest Croatian banks to our current solution, iSite Open, on the Drupal 7 platform.

The key advantage of this CMS is that  the “admin” user interface can be customized for  every client as well as giving end users the practical ability to edit content on the same page.

As part of this extensive project, we also implemented additional functions that are specific to the needs of banks, including a loan calculator, a currency exchange list, and a map showing the locations of ATM machines and branch offices. With only a few clicks, clients of the bank now have quicker access to all its useful tools, services, and information and can check exchange rates, buy and sell currencies, calculate loan installments, and find out everything that the health of their wallets depends upon. 


OTP banka

We also built the new website of OTP bank on the Drupal 7 platform. The bank's internal team created the design in accordance with OTP bank's visual identity. In this project, we also developed a loan calculator and implemented an ATM map and a list of branch offices, which today is a mandatory addition to any banking institution's website.

In accordance with the contemporary demands of web development, these new websites are responsive, which means that their content is adaptable to different screen sizes, and during their development we made sure that they are simpler and more comfortable for the end customer to use.


And what’s more …

We have also done web projects for Veneto Banka (Croatia and Albania), the Croatian Banking Association (HUB/CBA), Financijska agencija (FINA), and Hrvatski registar obveza po kreditima (HROK–Croatian register of loan responsibilities).

Thanks to all the above-mentioned projects, we’ve gained truly valuable expertise and references so we’re looking forward to working with customers from this sector on future projects. Perhaps yours might be one of them? Get in touch and let’s talk!