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A B2B web shop can be complex – but still easy to use and nicely designed

Greenseeker company was in need of a web shop that would simplify the process of ordering and shopping, facilitating their business and textile commerce.

Greenseeker d.o.o.

Developing and creating a web shop with a wide range of gifts for business occasions, especially textile products. Gathering over 26,000 products, and listing up to 27 features, including details such as the weight of the T-shirts. Making the whole process quick, simple and easy to navigate for the buyers as well as making the site simple to maintain and manage.


iSite Shop/Magento platform was chosen for its flexibility for the design of such a complex web shop. The platform was integrated with the ERP and CRM that Greenseeker was already using. Critical information on products was stored in the “back end” to avoid repetition, while the whole process of choosing the products was maximally simplified, making it possible to complete in four clicks. Advanced filters facilitate searches for products, and any potential problems can be resolved through chat with the sales staff. In the process of ordering, the focus is on the cost, that is, the amount that the buyer is ordering, with the system stimulating the user to increase the volume of the sale in order to get a better discount. The customer can see both the discount earned at the extra discount they can attain, as well as the costs of delivery.


I see the Click4 project not only as an online shopping tool for promotional products, but also as a powerful marketing asset that gives us an advantage over our competition. It is a portal that uses the most state-of-the-art strategies to present our products and services, and therefore present our company. In the era of Internet and social networks, it is crucial to distinguish ourselves from a large number of companies in a similar line of business. Modern websites enable us to present our company’s full set of skills and experience to the buyers in a simple way. Buyers now see us as a company that not only knows what it is doing, but also follows trends and invests in new technology. I am extremely pleased with our collaboration with Perpetuum Mobile, because this project represented a technological challenge, and I think we’ve done a great job together. I am definitely counting on collaborating with them again on our next project, which will be even more demanding than Click4

Emir Afgan-CEO at Greenseeker d.o.o.