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Auto Hrvatska - Web shop that opens new paths

Auto Hrvatska was founded in 1952. in Zagreb. As the company/group name suggests, it is a synonym for everything that relates to road vehicles and their maintenance in Croatia. 
Perpetuum built a new, improved B2B web shop for a member of the Auto Hrvatska business group, Auto Hrvatska Autodijelovi Ltd.

Auto Hrvatska Ltd.

Because of the change in the product catalogue and the limiting features of the previous version of the web shop for B2B customers, Auto Hrvatska requested a new, more advanced solution from Perpetuum. The B2B shop now offers more than 23,000 products to clients’ business partners. The project included initial development and implementation, hosting, technical and customer support and future development depending on the client’s needs.

Specific requests included:

  • B2B web shop with the possibility of wire transfer payment 
  • Connections to external suppliers/partners over separate systems
  • Integration with existing DIGLAS ERP
  • Implementation of item types by category and associated attributes
  • Integration with external systems as well as payment and logistics services
  • Reporting system

auto hrvatska


With this project, we have enabled the client to optimize the sales process for business customers, facilitated order tracking and delivery, enabled customers to inspect all aspects of the business relationship with the customer, speeded up and facilitated internal customer processes. The need for manual work has also been reduced and the possibility of mistakes in the business process has been minimized.

auto hrvatska b2b


In the business process, we felt the need to improve the B2B web shop and catalogue with a new eCommerce solution. It’s very important for our business customers to have easily available and accessible information, and with the help of the Perpetuum Team we have achieved the goal of a new and improved B2B webshop.

Igor Božović-Director of Auto Hrvatska Automobili Ltd.