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Anilox Ltd. - The Istrian job or how we modernized a leading graphics company

The picturesque town of Žminj lies in the very heart of Croatia's biggest peninsula, Istria. Aside from the friendly taverns and small hotels characteristic of this „Croatian Tuscany“, a high technology company serving the graphics industry has also made Žminj its home. The company is Anilox, and it manufactures precision-made rollers which are then used by printing companies to produce packaging for the food and other industries, as well as decorative papers and other materials for special occasions. Taking great care of quality control and continuous innovation, Anilox has secured a leading regional position in its industry.

Anilox Ltd.
Digital transformation of the manufacturing process

In order to increase its competitiveness, the company hired Perpetuum to solve the problem of insufficient integration of their business processes and unsatisfactory technological solutions. Since growing production and quality improvements demand equally high quality and advanced technology interface, Anilox requested a custom-made software solution to support the manufacturing processes.


Key challenges

To prepare a solid ground for digitalization, team Perpetuum traveled to Žminj to document the business processes of the company. Anilox procedures are characterized by a large number of internal processes and complex manufacturing specifications. Lacking a modern, digital application to support manufacturing, production was decelerating and operators were additionally burdened by continuous business growth. The project was on a strict schedule and had to be completed in eight months time.

Implementing the entire manufacturing process with many possible outcomes and potential situations into a digital format and simplifying it as much as possible proved to be the key challenge. However – the Perpetuum and Anilox teams succeeded! The initial 37 steps for production of all types of rollers that Anilox makes were ultimately reduced to 12 with a positive impact on overall functionality and business productivity.



The complexity of the manufacturing process resulted in significant changes to the original specification during the implementation of the project. The client undertook a deep analysis and changes in internal procedures and the manufacturing process which then resulted in significant improvements to the design and functionality of the processes.                                                                     

The resulting application is based on Microsoft's .NET and SQL Server platform and is fully tailored to the client's needs. Pantheon, a regional ERP is used to create and review the status of each work order but the entire production process is now fully implemented through a "tailor-made" custom application.

The whole project, financed by EU funding, ultimately brought significant business value to Anilox, including the ability to increase the team, optimize business, and increase competitiveness on the international market. Most importantly: the positive effects of using the new system were immediately evident.