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Isomer Capital – A First-Class Website for a European Investment Fund

Perpetuum Mobile has designed a visually attractive Internet destination for the Isomer Capital investment fund, whose headquarters are located in London. The site makes all the information accessible in two clicks, and it is extremely easy to manage.

Isomer Capital

To make a website based on a platform that meets the industry’s standards, while also allowing the Fund’s employees to manage its content without having advanced skills in programing or special training. The website was designed to reflect the Fund’s views on the investment industry, display Isomer’s Twitter feed as well as showing the feed from other big players in the industry.


The solution that would fully answer the client’s demands was iSite Open, based on Drupal’s system for managing content. In addition to simplifying the process for setting up new content and managing the existing one, iSite Open also allowed Perpetuum to ensure a first-class visual experience, primarily thanks to the high-quality photographs of the European high tech hubs, investor and start-up activities.


The team at Perpetuum took the time to get to know our new direction and our vision for a new approach to the technology market. They themselves are a tech company, which helped them understand our goals quickly and at a very high level. They worked hard to design a common strategy for us, and an excellent site based on CMS that would represent our new brand. We like the site, and, more importantly, we are getting a lot of positive comments and compliments from other members of the industry.

Joe Schorge-Managing Partner